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Womaning in the Workplace

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As we work with women we frequently get asked: How do I better get my voice heard, opinions valued and contributions recognized? The Womaning in the Workplace Workshop is a facilitated and interactive discussion centered at the intersection between the challenges women face in the workplace and the internal messages that limit or empower us to rise above.

We will use the Empowerment Framework to guide our discussion:

  • Internal: How we identify the limiting beliefs and actions that devalue our own voice and contributions

  • Collective: How we come together as a group focused to champion women in the workplace (including men and non-binary allies)

  • Offensive: How we identify our values and establish clear boundaries

We do not have any public workshops currently scheduled. If you are interested in booking this workshop for your business or community organization contact us

Your Facilitators

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Shara Hammond

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Melanie Ryan

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