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Rest As A Business Strategy

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Repost from September 12, 2022

One thing we ask ourselves at MFR Coaching & Consulting is "are we following our own practices?"

As professionals in culture development, we work with you to identify root issues within your organizational culture and build capacity so that all employees thrive in an environment that is safe, healthy, inclusive, and equitable.

As I am evolving this business I have been exploring what it means to rest and how that contributes to the culture here at MFRCC.

This summer, I focused on my own rest and play so that I could focus on aging and ailing parents, spend time with my family, focus on my own health, enjoy time with friends, travel, and spend time in my garden.

What this looked like for MFRCC:

  • Little to no social media. Social media is a great tool. It can build community. It is also requires a lot of attention, focus, and monitoring.

  • Slowing down business development. We scheduled new clients beginning in the fall instead of the summer.

  • Reducing work hours and focusing on the important stuff that often gets overlooked because the urgent client needs come first.

I got a lot of questions and comments like "aren't you worried you will lose business?" Or, "I so wish my company built in periods of rest."

We have learned a couple things:

  • The fact is there is never enough time to do the work. It is easy to convince ourselves that if we just work a little more everything will get done. IT WILL NEVER BE DONE.

  • On the other hand, our bodies do give out. Our mental health gives out. Our kids grow up. Our parents age. Our employees quit. AND...

  • You can build in periods of rest and be even more productive over the long-run. For example, without taking on new clients and being intentional during our reduced hours, we were able to focus on program development.

Here are a few ideas on how you can build periods of rest in to your culture:

  • Offer sabbaticals to everyone in your organization.

  • Close your offices during slow periods and / or holidays or summer.

  • Create a culture where checking or sending emails while on vacation is not rewarded.

We are back full-time, rested and ready, and we look forward to working with you all to create the culture you have always wanted at your organization.



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