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Mondays With Melanie

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Mondays With Melanie is a journey. It is a journey because I, probably like you, am always on a journey. In 2020, that journey led me to become the CEO of my own business, MFR Coaching & Consulting (MFRCC). And, in 2021, that journey led me to retire from corporate America and commit fully to the work of developing cultures that honor the worth and value of every person. So, here we are meeting each other on that journey today.

When I think about the journeys I have taken, I think about the pictures I share with others. The journal entries I write. The coffee I have with friends to tell them all about it when I get back. Mondays With Melanie is my weekly coffee date with all of you.

Some discussions aren't meant for a few short social media sentences. It is here where I will share more about what is on my mind - the real time observations about the people and world around us. It is where I have the chance to communicate the human behind MFRCC. It is here where we will learn and grow together more deeply.

Before we get started together I'll have to 'fess up - it isn't coffee I'll be drinking on Mondays. I'll be drinking my oatmilk chai - hot or iced is just fine. My office mates will be barking or purring but generally not altogether helpful. I will probably have Hamilton playing in the background for the 1,462nd time. My husband, my (adult) kids, my extended family, my team, my friends, and my community will interrupt my thoughts ~150 times.

And it is in the midst of that chaotic, beautiful, mess - mine and yours - we will find our way. It is where we will be vulnerable. It where we will be accountable. It is where we will right the wrongs of injustice. It is where we will bring people in. It is where we will heal.

See you on Mondays.



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