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Go Get 'Em, Baby Girl

Repost from March 7, 2022

Early in my career, I was made a manager. Immediately after, a male who was to report to me went to my boss and said, "I don't want to work for a woman." So they moved him to a different manager.

Over twenty years later, my daughter is just getting started with her career in the trades. She is one of the few, and sometimes the only, female in the shop.

Two years in and she is having her own "don't want to work with women" experience.

It is so much harder to watch my daughter meet this moment than it was for myself. And, yet, my daughter is also so much stronger and so much wiser than I was at her age. She will blaze her trail.

She will follow the footsteps of women like Emil Warren Roebling, chief engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge or Mary Anderson, the inventor of the windshield wiper. She'll keep this economy going like all the Rosies did in WWII. Maybe she will even lead a fight for equity like Clara Fraser of Seattle City Light.

So while this mama is mad at those who try to dull her baby's shine, I also knows my daughter is part of women's history. I am so proud of who she is, who she is becoming, and nobody puts my baby in a corner.

You go get 'em, baby girl.

Love, Mama


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