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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Repost from November 21, 2022

As a facilitator, part of my job is to make connections. As a culture facilitator I look for connections between behavior, actions, and words. I look for connections in values, policies, and procedures. Culture is a byproduct of the collective norms that result from these components of an organization or a community.

I am so curious about human behavior and the cultures we create that I spend a lot of time observing and thinking about these connections as I move about the world. So, when the news started coming in about the horrific shooting at a LGBTQIA+ nightclub in Colorado Springs my thoughts soon went to the increasingly hostile rhetoric about LGBTQIA+ people in our country.

It is too easy to remove ourselves from this event. We can not even comprehend picking up a gun and slaughtering people. But have we considered where our fingerprints just might be?

Have we considered the “jokes” we tell that create the continued othering and dismissal of LGBTQIA+ lives?

Have we considered the rhetoric we buy in to about “grooming” and perpetuate it in our local school board meetings?

Do we quietly overlook LGBTQIA+ candidates for roles we are hiring for?

Do we say nothing at all when that microaggression comes out of our coworker, friend, or family’s mouths?


Violent, hateful acts don’t exist in a vacuum.

What fingerprints are you going to leave today?



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