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Organizational Services

MFR Coaching & Consulting focuses on services that build diverse, inclusive and equitable  organizational cultures.  Organizational culture is the collective attitudes, values, behaviors and norms of the people within. Believing in the worth and value of every human being - from employee to customer - is the foundation of every service offered.

Culture Development

MFR Coaching & Consulting is dedicated to empowering organizations to build equitable and healthy cultures.  Our approach is inclusive and comprehensive.  We include all levels of the organization, embed facilitation and coaching practices, clarify causes vs. symptoms of issues in order to implement the right solutions, and empower internal change agents to sustain a healthy culture after we leave.​ 

Culture Development services include:

Business Team Seminar Corporate Strategy
Two women sitting at a table with a computer, representing an in-person coaching session.


MFR Coaching & Consulting provides coaching services to both individuals and groups in organizations.  With a particular focus on inclusive and equitable leadership development and team building as well as career development of underrepresented employees coaching services are available to:

  • Executives

  • People Managers

  • Groups / Teams

  • Underrepresented Employees

Occasionally, MFR Coaching & Consulting may also be asked to work with individual employees under performance management for culture and/or DEI related issues.

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