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Stacey Mahoney

“To drive team transformation, leaders must be courageous, consistent, and clear about their culture and equity goals. And since most people don’t figure it out overnight, it takes desire, practice, and guidance. I create a judgement-free and safe space for leaders to build their foundation. We work towards their goals together – so they can lead their teams to amazing outcomes.”

  • B.S., Business Communications 

  • B.S., Broadcast Journalism

  • Certified Professional Diversity Coach (CPDC)

  • PROSCI ® Certified Change Practitioner 

About Stacey

Stacey has an innate passion to empower humans to have a better human experience through education, connection, community, and equity. As an executive coach, she is passionate about empowering leaders to increase their capabilities to lead through accountability and authenticity. She has first-hand experience partnering with leaders to transform their teams – which increase in performance, creativity, profitability, and retention after intentional focus on culture, equity and inclusion.


Stacey has communications degrees in Business Communications and Broadcast Journalism. She is a PROSCI ® Certified Change Practitioner, and is a certified Professional Diversity Coach through CoachDiversity Institute. She has over two-decades of experience in ADTECH, has been nominated and awarded for her work in culture development, DEI, and management excellence. She is a celebrated people-leader, and a highly sought mentor. Stacey is based in Washington, DC and is the CEO of Stacey Mahoney Consulting, LLC.

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