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Shara Hammond

"I am unconventional DEI strategist and coach who is passionate about growing inclusive practices."

  • Masters Labor & Industrial Relations

  • B.A., Communications & Media Studies

  • Certified Diversity & Belonging Facilitator

  • Certified Professional Diversity Coach

  • Leadership Development & Succession Strategist

  • Certified Human Resources Project Manager

  • Certified Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator

  • 360 Assessment Feedback

About Shara

Shara leverages foundational strategies, research, and best practices to co-create solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations who seek to unleash potential, optimize hidden strengths, and empower sustainable behavior-change to improve performance.


With over 14 years of experience in corporate, operational, and international roles, Shara Hammond brings a breadth and depth of expertise spanning the full scope of human resources.


As a Certified Professional Diversity Coach (CPDC), she supports executives, managers, and professionals with their individual, team, and organizational goals. Known for her individualized approach, Shara partners closely with her clients to co-create in the areas of leadership, performance, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).


Shara received the 2020 Experience Energy GRIT Award and the Corporate Champion Award from the Association of Chinese Professionals (ACAP) for her achievements in leading diversity, inclusion, and culture change. 

Shara is the founder of Advanced Leadership and Performance and co-host of More Than Words podcast.

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