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Facilitated Learning

MFRCC takes a different approach to training. We believe in a facilitated learning approach where participants are an active part and take ownership of their own learning. This is a disruption of the “check the box” approach to culture development and DEI training and centers the worth and value of the people participating. All facilitated learning is anchored on the foundation of MFRCC's Inclusive Culture Framework.


We offer facilitated learning programs and standalone workshops to businesses of all sizes, nonprofits and community groups.  

Inclusive Culture Framework

An inclusive culture is the collective attitude, values, behaviors, and norms that honor the worth and value of every person


The commitment to personal growth of our identity, values, and behaviors. The awareness of how we show up.

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The commitment to value differences and invest in each other.

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The commitment to provide access to all and achieve outcomes that are equitable.

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INCLUSIVE PRACTICES are regarded by everyone in the organization across the internal, collective, and systemic

INTERCULTURALLY RESPONSIVE behaviors and skills demonstrate the ability to learn from and shift cultural perspectives and appropriately adapt to cultural differences and commonalities

Programs & Workshops

Inclusive Culture
Change Agent Program

MFR Coaching & Consulting's distinctive Change Agents program is designed to empower organizations from within. 


Culture Change Agents are individuals at various levels within the organization who self-reflect, influence change, growth and development in the organization, and value diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Each cohort participates in an immersive learning program that prepares them to facilitate and incorporate DEI throughout the organization.


Inclusive Organization / Community Program

The Inclusive Organization (Community) Program is designed for new organizations, organizations that are in the early phases of culture development, and/or those who are looking to build capacity in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). 


The Inclusive Organization (Community) Program starts with the basics so everyone in the organization can contribute to a sustainable culture that is inclusive and equitable.

This program may be adapted for communities investing in building inclusive cultures at the local level.

MFR Coaching & Consulting offers a number of standalone workshops:

  • DEI Foundations

  • Anti-Racism Foundations

  • Inclusive Leadership / Inclusive Culture

  • The Inclusively Biased Brain

  • Having the Hard Conversations

  • Womaning in the Workplace

  • Book Workshops

Please contact us for more information.

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